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FAQs / Tips

I can smell a mildew smell but don’t see mold… how can I find out what is causing the smell?

We recommend that a Mold Air Sample Test be conducted… this test takes a sample of the air from the area in your home that you suspect has mold. During that appointment our Mold Inspector will also do a visual investigation to determine the potential cause of the odor. The test results will tell us if there is mold, what type it is and how dangerous the mold is for an indoor environment. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive first step to clarify the source of the mildew smell.


What are some easy steps to prevent water damage from happening in our home?

Our most common water damage jobs originate from old/cracked washing machine lines. They should be replaced every 5 years or as recommended by the manufacturer.


How often should I get my carpets cleaned? 

Most manufacturers require a “hot water extraction” type of cleaning once per year to maintain the warranty on new carpet. Depending upon your household usuage… kids, pets, and high traffic all contribute to soil in your carpet fibers which break down the carpet and cause it’s appearance to deteriorate faster… in that situation 2 times per year would be a good rule of thumb.


I don’t have a water, mold or fire problem… what other services do you provide?

Glad you asked… we are a full service licensed general contractor that provides all types of home repair and cleaning services that include:


• Water Extraction & Remediation
• Dryout & Dehumidification
• MOLD Remediation
• Fire & Smoke Damage Clean Up
• Odor Deodorization
• Storm/Theft Damage Emergency Board Up
• Build Back: Sheetrock, Texture, Paint, Flooring, Trim
• Carpet Cleaning
• Grout and Tile Cleaning
• Window Cleaning

“Please pass on to Bob and the crew that performed work on our house, how pleased we are with the work! The crew was most polite, always prompt, and you can tell that they all take pride in the work they do. The cabinet looks great! What an excellent job on the skylights! Kudos!"

– Dave S.