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Spokane’s Leading Restoration Company For More Than 30 Years!

Founded in 1983, Rescue Restoration is a family-owned business that strives to provide high quality mold and water damage repairs to the people of Spokane, Washington and its outlying regions. Our team combines years of experience with exceptional service to bring customers satisfactory solutions to the difficult process of rehabilitating their homes and commercial properties.


Water Damage Response

At Rescue Restoration, our Water Damage Response starts from the initial dry out all the way through to repairs and clean up. Whether from leaks or flooding, you can count on our team to bring you phenomenal service from start to finish.


Mold Remediation

As Spokane’s Mold Remediation Experts, we know how scary discovering mold can be. Mold is a silent destroyer that not only impacts your home and business, but it can also affect your physical well-being. With over thirty years in testing, remediation, and removal of mold, Rescue Restoration will administer expert care and attention to detail to provide you with peace of mind that your home or commercial property will become a mold-free environment.


Having your home or business suffer from accidental water damage and life-threatening mold can be overwhelming. Our experienced team of restoration professionals can guide you through every step of the rehabilitation process; from assessment and dealing with insurance companies, to fixing the damage and cleaning up the mess, our mission at Rescue Restoration is to help repair not only your home or commercial property, but restore your life to normal.


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